Four ways to earn points & benefits when buying Caltex petrol
Caltex is a bit of an outlier in the loyalty program area. Buying petrol at their stations allows you to earn rewards and benefits in four different ways. Through a little bit of craftiness, you can increase the loyalty rewards you earn when buying petrol and get a discount if you shop at Woolworths beforehand. But there is an extra trick to squeeze more points out of the system. While not spectacular, it is still worth considering. There are, however, a few things to watch and we will cover those below.

Most people will know about the Woolworths Rewards-Caltex discount and points earning option. If you need a run-down of the program and how Caltex performs against the rival petrol programs, head to The best petrol loyalty programs. In summary if you spend $30 at Woolworths, you will get a 4 cents per litre discount on petrol, plus you will earn one Woolworths Rewards point per dollar spent (this equates to 0.435 Qantas points per dollar on petrol). That's two dips, but the third one is not something you would ever consider.

In one of the oddest loyalty partnerships, at many Caltex stations, you can also earn Myer One points at the rate of 1 point per dollar spent. And yes you can use both the Woolworths Rewards card and the Myer One card. At 2,000 Myer One points, you get a $20 Myer gift card. Apart from redeeming the gift card, you don't even have to shop at Myer to get a Myer One card (it's free).

The fourth dip is using a points-earning credit card.

Assuming you spend $30 at Woolworths to get the voucher and buy at an average $1.30 per litre advertised price (pre-discount), that you have a credit card that earns 1 point per $1 spent and that frequent flyer points are valued at 1 cent each, you get the following.

Benefits per $100 spent on petrol
$3.08 saving, using the four cents off per litre voucher
100 Woolworths Rewards Points, equal to 43.5 Qantas points
100 Myer One points equal to $1 value
100 frequent flyer points from your credit card
Total value: $5.50 per $100 spent*

*There is a technicality here. This would be based on the advertised price of the petrol (assuming it is $1.30 per litre). The 4 cents per litre would come off that total you pay, to bring the $100 down to $96.92 at the cash register. That would mean the points you earn are slightly less than 100: one point per dollar spent means $96.92 earns 97 points in the three points earning areas. From a practical point of view, it makes little difference and we've used 100 as it is easier on the brain to see the benefits. Using 97 points earned based on your $96.92 spend, the true total value comes in at $5.43, a difference of seven cents.

Things to watch
  • Some Caltex stations charge a credit card surcharge for American Express, which generally earn points at a higher rates. Just ask before you pay.

  • To earn earn Woolworths Rewards, the Caltex stations must be promoting the discount voucher.

  • Not all Caltex stations earn Myer One Rewards. You may find some petrol stations accept Myer One and not Woolworths Rewards, and vice versa. On the following list of Caltex stations that accept Myer One, scan down until you see Caltex Woolworths as this will be the overlap between the two programs (click here for the list, PDF 195KBnew window). One thing we noted in the list is that some Caltex stations don't have Woolworths in the station title but in fact earn Woolworths Rewards. You can tell a Woolworths-Caltex petrol station by looking for the Woolworths petrol discount listed prominently in green on the petrol price signage outside of every station (Steet View on Google Maps can help here). This complicated system is perhaps why the Myer One benefit at Caltex is not very well known. It may be simpler to ask next time you visit Caltex, or tap your card(s) on the terminal to see what happens.

    Caltex Woolworths
    This is an example of a Woolworths Caltex petrol station. Despite the 'Star Mart' logo, it still takes Woolworths vouchers and this one also takes Myer One cards.