Earn more points
Loyalty programs are becoming more complex, while also making it harder to redeem rewards and cutting back on earning rates. Everyone knows the basics: you can earn points from credit cards and flying, but following the basic system will mean you can expect to wait a long time to earn enough points for rewards that are worthwhile. However, there is no reason to settle just for basic earning rates on flights, hotels, cars or shopping. More importantly, you can increase your earnings by double-dipping many loyalty programs and pile on frequent flyer points, earn rewards earlier, or gain cash returns. At FrequentPoints we will show you the different ways to increase your haul of benefits, without you having to pay more.


Which Frequent Flyer Programs should you join?
Almost every airline has a frequent flyer program and joining them all will see your frequent flyer points get dispersed across multiple accounts with little chance of earning rewards. So which ones should you join without losing access to rewards on major Australian and world-wide airlines?

Five ways to earn benefits on Virgin flights
While Qantas may be the dominant frequent flyer program, Virgin's Velocity offers a good alternative, even for those who generally choose Qantas. There are plenty of ways to increase your Velocity points and get closer top those rewards. We will start with the obvious ways, and drill down to benefits that can help increase the benefits available to you.


How to find the cheapest price for a hotel
How do you find the cheapest rate for a hotel? If you think you know the answer, have a look at this unique approach to squeeze up to 15% more in benefits from some of the cheapest online rates.

Which hotel loyalty program should you join?
Trying to work out the best program can be challenging but how do the big hotels loyalty programs stack up? And which one should you join, if any?

Triple dipping hotel bookings
There are three techniques you can combine to squeeze some money back and get loyalty bonuses from hotel bookings without paying any extra or being committed to one hotel chain.


The best petrol loyalty programs
The major supermarkets offer point incentives and discounts to stay loyal to their petrol station partners. Is it worth the bother, and if so, which one should you choose? FrequentPoints ranks the three major petrol loyalty programs head-to-head.

Triple-dipping to get the most car hire benefits
If you take enough holidays there is all likelihood that at some point you'll need to hire a car. For some travellers it will be more frequent than others. Even those needing frequent use of cars for travel will be wondering about the best loyalty strategy for making the most out of car hire.

Save up to 10% in points & benefits when buying Caltex petrol
Caltex is a bit of an outlier in the loyalty program area. Through a little bit of craftiness, buying petrol at their stations allows you to earn rewards and benefits in five different ways, saving up to 10%.


Should I get a credit card that earns rewards?
It's no secret that banks and credit card providers lure customers with promises of free rewards. The ads look enticing with flights, holidays and luxury goods as temptations to use their cards. But it's important to stop for a moment and ask, are credit card rewards programs worth it?

Getting the most points out of buying alcohol: BWS versus Liquorland
If you want to buy some alcohol and your choice is between BWS and Liquorland, is one better than the other in terms of points and benefits earned? The answer is a definite yes. Over the course of a year, here's how to collect rewards that amount to almost a month's worth of spending.

How useful are Flybuys?
It is almost impossible to escape the nagging exposure of the major supermarket loyalty programs. From promotions in-store to their equivalent of "do you you want fries with that" at the checkout, namely "Do you have a Flybuys card?" With all this promotion, what benefits do you get from the program? More importantly how much value does it offer?

How useful are Woolworths Rewards?
The chief competitor to Flybuys, Woolworths Rewards can offer more benefits in some areas, but also be more restrictive in others. Is Woolworth Rewards better value than Flybuys and more importantly, is it any value at all?

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